Exceptional Design Freedom

Aching muscles? Need a quiet space? Look no further, a Tesoro Hot Tub is what you need.  Our customized hot tubs can be designed to any shape and size that you need.  Our products are lightweight, so they can be placed in areas not meant for heavy loads and do not require the typical concrete foundation needed with standard hot tubs.  Everything can be suited to your needs from the number of jets to the stylish finish.  A sensational product that you can enjoy for years to come with minimal maintenance.

All Tesoro hot tubs are completely customizable in size, shape and finish.

Custom Built . For You

Customization Features Include:

  • Range in size from 6×6 to 8×15 ft
  • Manufactured from 316L stainless steel
  • Minimum R15 outer insulation (can withstand freezing cold winters)
  • Add 6-16 jet
  • Seat 2-12 people
  • Finish options include a glass bead blasted stainless look, partial tile, or fully tiled
  • 6 inch structural top ledge for stone, tiles or most all types of decking

Depending on the circumstances, most of our vessels are prefabricated in a controlled environment at the Tesoro® plant and can be transported and installed in one piece, avoiding the endless on-site construction works.