About Tesoro® Luxury Stainless Hot Tubs & Pools

Over 25 Years of Excellence

Tesoro Stainless Steel Pools & Spas is a division of Ark Custom Pool & Spa. Tesoro evolved as a complimentary extension of Ark Custom Pool & Spa which has over 25 years experience in the aquatic industry. Our traditional values and long term philosophy is expressed through our workmanship and attention to detail. Combining years of international building experience and participating in some of the most high profile projects, Tesoro pools & spas are handcrafted and tailored to suit your needs.

A Wealth of Experience

One of the key attributes amongst the Tesoro group is our wealth of experience. Our unsurpassed knowledge in both the aquatic industry and stainless steel fabrication set the platform when establishing the Tesoro group. Our manufacturing facility is located in Western Canada. Tesoro has become one of the most respected stainless steel manufacturers of swimming pools, hot tubs and plunge pools.

Why we chose the name Tesoro

Tesoro is a Latin word meaning treasure. A fitting name and expresses a part of the true meaning. Our customers acknowledge the components that go into our stainless steel vessels and appreciate value of the rich materials. Our advanced technology and design creations provide endless opportunities when choosing a Tesoro vessel.