Plunge Into Relaxation

Add function & health benefits to your backyard oasis with a Tesoro® custom stainless steel plunge pool.  

Plunge Pools have increased in popularity – for good reason.

Spending time in cold water can increase blood circulation, reduce swelling, and provide immediate pain relief.  Our Tesoro® stainless steel plunge pools can be customized to the exact shape and function you require and can include jets. They are typically deep and small in size (starting around 5×5 ft).  Generally, the temperature is kept anywhere from 50-85 degrees Fahrenheit depending on personal preference. Warmer climates do not usually require a heater but in cooler climates it might be necessary. Plunge pools can be used to cool off after a long day in the heat or to help relieve pain or discomfort.

Made in Canada, inspired by European design, our plunge pools offer the latest in design and function. Choose from fully tiled, partially tiled or leave it with the sleek look of stainless steel.  Many of our products are prefabricated at our plant and transported in one piece minimizing the need for onsite construction

Let Us Create Your Dream Leisure Space