Luxury Stainless Steel Pools & Spas - Made in Canada

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Stainless Steel’s combination of good ductility and handling of cross sections promotes outstanding design freedom for your client’s projects. This is particularly the case for unconventionally shaped swimming pools and hot tubs. The 316L sheets goods can be shaped and welded into place in tune with the imagination of architects, engineers and designers alike. The smooth touch and elegant feel lends itself to an upmarket that appeals to both project owners and site developers.

Stainless steel is high-tech and relates to a time of constantly increasing health and safety requirements, stainless steel provides the assurance of exceptional service life. The appearance of stainless steel does not deteriorate, and the light weight structural characteristics of our aquatic vessels is unmatched against conventional methods of constructing swimming pools and hot tubs. A truly sensational product complimentary with any backdrop throughout Canada and abroad.

Here at Tesoro® we are proud to assist you in the design stages of each project, thanks to our technical and professional expertise. Our strong construction background and familiarity with Construction Specifications Institute Format allows us to closely work with architects, engineers, contractors and designers.

If you are incorporating a pool, spa or plunge pool into your plans or are in the initial design phases, please contact us for a complete Tesoro® overview.


From concept to completion, we take pride in every step; we are proud to stand behind the highest quality product and we are proud to manufacture in Canada.

Providing a high quality product and high quality service are key to the lasting partnerships we have built and are looking forward to building with your firm.

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