Experience the luxury of Tesoro® stainless pools and spas

tesoro pool and spa

The Tesoro® Group is Canada’s leader in manufacturing stainless steel aquatic vessels. With over 25 years of experience manufacturing some of the most unique stainless steel products, Tesoro has become the preferred option when considering a pool or spa. Freedom of choice allows you limitless opportunities for your personalized design options.

The alluring appearance and customization of each Tesoro vessel sets us worlds apart from traditional pools or spas. Our wide range of shapes and sizes are suitable for installations below grade, above grade, suspended structures and those applications that do not support heavy loads. Depending on the circumstances, most our vessels are prefabricated in a controlled environment at the Tesoro plant and can be transported and installed in one piece avoiding the endless on-site construction works.

Tesoro stainless steel vessels hold up to their reputation. Not only are they high strength non-corrosive works of art, the gleaming reflections, elegance and modernized features are just a few to mention when complimenting the creation of your leisure space.

Inspired by European design and fabrication methods, Tesoro delivers the highest quality product suitable for the most demanding environments. Manufactured in Canada, Tesoro® is highly touted amongst architects, engineers, developers and owners for unique designs, efficiency and qualitative concerns.

If you are enhancing or creating a leisure space and would like to incorporate one of our pools, spas or plunge pools, please contact us today.