Do you provide covers?

No, however we have several connections with high quality cover suppliers and can work with you to have one custom made.

Do your products withstand cold winters?

Yes! We have installed pools and hot tubs in all climates including the coldest places in Canada.

Do you ship your products?

Yes, we can help facilitate shipping all over the world.

Do you install?

In some cases, yes, we can install. Often, we can guide a local plumber/electrician to handle the install as well.  Regardless we never leave our customers without the assistance they need to have their Tesoro product installed and ready to use.

Do you provide water treatment?

We provide several different options but highly recommend the Clear Comfort Hydroxyl-Based AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process) which we carry and service. This system drastically reduces the amount of chemical used making it safe and extremely easy for anyone to use.

What type of mechanical/electrical equipment is needed?

Each situation is different and we can walk you through that entire process and what will work best for your specific needs. We arrange all the mechanical equipment needed to operate your custom order.